The First Generation Pokemon Games and Pokemon Yellow GBA Starting Difference

Before those luxurious sounding versions of Pokemon Games like silver and gold, emerald and sapphire, and the simple sounding black and white versions, the Pokemon Game Franchise started out with the basic color versions. The ancestors of these recent games were named after primary colors. The first generation Pokemon games were named Red and Blue, and then quickly followed by the famous Yellow version. Let us reminisce the very start of these games and recall the basic differences.

The First Generation: Red and Blue

The first two Pokemon games were the dawn of the addicting franchise. As with all the Pokemon games that came after them, the goal was to capture or acquire, as catching them is not the only way to obtain them, Pocket Monsters or Pokemon in short. You start of by choosing among three starter Pokemons which will then be given to you by a Pokemon world-renowned Pokemon researcher named Professor Oak. You will then meet your rival, which you get to name, which turns out to be the grandson of Professor Oak, he then also chooses his starting Pokemon.

The three starter Pokemons are the very well-known Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur which has element based characteristics namely fire, water and leaf. You get to choose one to start you Pokemon adventure, and your rival will choose his starter which will definitely the one who has elemental advantage over yours.

The start of the first generation Pokemon games will be the pattern of the succeeding Pokemon Versions in the franchise, except for the Yellow version. This is the reason why the Yellow version is very iconic among those who played the game.

The Yellow Version

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The pokemon yellow gba version was actually based on the anime. You do not get to choose your starting Pokemon same as the protagonist in the Pokemon animated series, Ash Ketchum. The very cute and iconic Pikachu will be your companion at the start of the Yellow version. It will still be given to you by Professor Oak and you will still have his grandson as a rival.

The first three version are the ones which started the Pokemon game craze. Choosing your starting Pokemon is the first step on your adventure.