Prenup for better marriage

Some would see prenup as something negative; others see it as necessity because it is beneficial to have one. Whatever their reasons could be, it would vary depending on a lot of factors including their economic status and their relationship stability. For people who see prenup as something beneficial, they would also think that having a prenup would make your marriage better than those who don’t have one. Is that even true? The answer is yes and no.

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Prenups are supposed to be a contract of division of assets when the time of divorce or death of the partner occurs. With this idea, it means that it is practical to have one if and only if you are planning to get separated, which is something that turned out to be negative. On the other hand, yes, it could help to have a better marriage because it can decrease conflicts especially in terms of financial problems. Since it would be indicated in your Prenup lawyer New York how you would handle problems regarding money, at least you have a proof how you should be solving it, whether the expenses are equal, or depending on the income of the other.

The idea of having a prenup can have a negative effect on some couples because it would mean that they don’t trust their partner that much and they are anticipating that you might get separated and so you have a backup plan. Somehow, it does have a point because why are you planning things that are on the worst case scenario. But, let’s just look on it on a positive way. In your homes, you prepare an earthquake survival bag in case something would occur. It is there but you hope you won’t need it. Just like in prenup, it is just for the worst case, and you hope you won’t be seeing it anymore.